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Apr 24

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First of all i just want to thank everyone that has replyd to Murphy’s story with suggestions on what to do, where to go for answers or just words to help us stay positive. Before we discovered Tripawds the future looked pretty grim. We don’t take the time like we should to follow and reply to other families in our situation looking for help, advice and comfort. I guess we get consumed in our own situations. But i would like to thank everyone that has helped us on our journey of becoming a Tripawd.

Murphy has had a pretty rough time through this entire process yet he has remained sweet, gentle and loving. He doesn’t complain about a thing except getting into the car because he knows where he is going.
Friday he had yet another surgury involving the amputation.

I want to say a few words about our vet. Lance Campbell, and all the staff at College Way Animal Hospital. Lance has come to love Murphy like we do and has gone above and beyond in helping us to have a happy healthy Tripawd. Lance has tried everything he could think of to help Murphy and even a few things we got from our friends on the Tripawd web site. We have been given discount after discount and not charged for meds or office calls. Last week we decided his incision just wasn’t going to heel the way it was so anothher surgury was needed. So after the office closed and he had a long day of being a great vet. Lance did surgury to remove bone from Murphy, Lance and his asstants stayed with Murphy until we could come get him which was 10:PM because he new Murphy would be happier at home than staying overnight there. That’s just the kind of vet. we are lucky enough to have. Maybe that was more than a few words, maybe.

Anyway Murphy is still handsome, wonderful and loved by many.

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4 comments so far

  1. benny55
    9:04 pm - 4-24-2016

    You and Murphy have been through so much. It’s just rotten this has happened. Just stinkin’ rotten.

    I know we all need to step out of our “human head” and be more dog. Murphy isn’t thinking this is rotten. Murphy isn’t thinking this is so unfair. Murpny is just dealing with whatever comes his way without it compromising him one bit! He continues to show us how charming he can be even under less than stellar circumstances! 🙂

    If there is indeed, power in the collective consciousness, then Murphy will get through this just fine! The entire Tripawd family is sending healing thoughts and energy to this magnificent Soul!

    Clearly everyone at the Vet’s could see the love and devotion you have for your boy. They could also see his love for you and see the special Aoul that he is.

    Please, please keep us posted. I know you have a lot on your plate.

    Okay Murphy the Miracle Dog, let’s get you healed and get sll this behind you! Not sure how much this surgery entails, but hopefully it’s easier on you than the amputation surgery. Of course, except for this hurdle, you sailed through adapting to three legs brilliantly!

    Sending so much love and a ton of hugs!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. annapyr
    3:09 pm - 4-25-2016

    I sure hope Murphy is doing well after his latest surgery. It is so hard when they’re having challenges and you just want them to get better. I sure hope taking a bit more of the bone will allow the site to heal. And your vet sounds like a real trooper too.

    We all understand how overwhelming this can be, so don’t worry about anything but helping Murphy get well right now. But I have been wondering how he’s doing and so thanks for stopping by and letting us know!

    Denise, Bill and Angel Ellie

  3. benny55
    8:46 pm - 4-25-2016

    I know it’s a little early to tell…but so far so good???

  4. jerry
    2:44 am - 5-1-2016

    Oh wow that sounds like a great vet. I do hope things are good, please keep us posted OK?

    And don’t worry, we all get that you are wrapped up in your own situation.

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