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Feb 18

Not good times…

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Our poor Murphy is having a terrible time, we are needing lots of prayers and positive thoughts.

In my last post I told about the infection Murphy had gotten after his surgery. Well it has gone from bad to WAY WORSE…..first he somehow worked out a couple of stitches and had to be sedated and re-stitched, at that time the vet left a hole for drainage…on the day he was to get his stitches out the Dr. said because of the re-stitching and the infection he wanted to wait on the removal of stitches….his one hole for drainage turned into two holes that were very close together with just a strip of flesh seperating them. When we woke up this morning it had turned into one enormous hole that you could see way into. We called the vet. and of cource he was back in the hospital by 7AM. I had spoken to the vet. previously about doing a culture on the wound but he didn’t think it was necessary, so today they did a culture..
and he is spending yet another night away from home..

Needless to say we are all worried sick about our wonderful baby, and the mood around here is pretty grim…

Hopeing for the best.
Murphy’s family

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Feb 06

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Murphy has been working really hard at becoming a Tripawd he has been wandering around the house and venturing further and further in the yard,and even getting a little playful.

But we have run into a little canundrum ! Murphy the Amazing some how worked out two stitches and had a big red spot that was draining bloody goo. So I called our wonderful vet. and yesterday Murf spent the day in the hospital. He had to be sedated and re-stitched and they left a big hole open to let it drain. He received antibiotic injections and came home with a very strong antibiotic and more pain pills.

I gotta say this infection really scares me, what if it gets in the bone? I really need some input from all of you at “TRIPAWDS” on how we can expect this situation to play out. I am certainly very hopeful the antibiotics will do the trick but truthfully this is scarier than the amputation itself….

Murphy and his family

Jan 31

Life is so Good….

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Murphy is such a trooper. I know from all our previous posts no one would guess we are TOTALLY in love with our Murphy. I didn’t think the family would survive the amputation let alone Murphy.

The amputation went pretty much as everyone told us it would, very few things happend that we weren’t warnned about. The first few days were really hard don’t get me wrong but being prepared by a lot of wonderful people helped so much.

Yesterday Murphy had his first poop…gotta say there were a few tears as this hisroric event evolved. In all truth Murphy has settled down to routine life he is sleeping and everything. We had a face plant that we recovered from. So in general life is good.

I know that down the road we will encounter things that we will need help with and I know just the place to go….can’t thank everyone

Love, Murphy and family

Jan 28


Jan 28

Day of Surgury

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We all thought that making the decision to amputate was difficult, but taking him to the vet the day of surgery was worse if possible. Leaving him was awful, he was energetic and cuddly, so we kissed him on the nose as long as he would let us hugged him and left. That was the longest day ever! The vet called in the afternoon and said he had had a lot of emergencies and was just getting ready to operate. Finally about 7pm he called and said he did really good and we could pick him up the next afternoon.

When we went to get him, we were not prepared for the first shock of seeing him. Tears welled up, but we all knew we needed to be strong for him. HE WALKED DOWN THE STAIRS AT THE VET OFFICE, FOUR STEPS. We got him into the car, and headed home with our baby home.

Now recovery starts, we are still worrying if we are doing the right things for him. We won’t eat, he has been drinking some water, and doesn’t move around a lot. He urinated once, but we are worrying about not eating. Should we just give him ANYTHING HE WANTS TO EAT? Need a little help here…..

Loving Murphy even more